Ball Bearing Cartridges

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Our cartridges are available in metallic or rubber. The bearing inserts have grade 10 balls and super-finished ball paths to support proper lube film and reduce noise.

Metallic Design Attributes:Mounts in straight bore housings.Comes complete with wide inner-ring bearing insert and three-piece “R” seal.

Conductive Rubber Design :AttributesOffers straight, beveled or special profiled outer diameter.Comes complete with extended inner ring bearing insert.Very quiet and dampens vibration.

Applications:Heating and air-conditioning,Ventilating equipment,Conveyor systems,General industrial equipment

One-piece ball bearing cartridge unit for fitting into a bearing housing.
Eccentric locking collar for securing the bearing onto the shaft.
Fixed type for supporting radial and thrust loads and locating the .shaft axially to the housing.Contact seals on both sides of the bearing keep lubricant in and contaminants out.Rubber for reduced vibration and noise



Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
Browning RUBRS-116 Ball Bearing Cartridges 6 mm FL618/2,5 7,1 mm 2.5x6x1.8
Sealmaster SC-20R HI Ball Bearing Cartridges 138 420 mm 4 mm 138 mm
Sealmaster MSC-35T CXU Ball Bearing Cartridges 50 mm NUP2210 90 mm 23 mm
Sealmaster SC-20R HT Ball Bearing Cartridges 6317 85 85x180x41 41 mm
Sealmaster SC-19 HI Ball Bearing Cartridges 283 mm SKF 360x260x100 260 mm
Sealmaster MSC-15 Ball Bearing Cartridges 1,5 mm 70 mm 1 mm 115 mm
Sealmaster MSC-43 Ball Bearing Cartridges 0,41 Kg 33,2 kN 19 85 mm
Sealmaster MSC-316 Ball Bearing Cartridges 6 6 mm 32000 r/min 19
Sealmaster MSC-308 Ball Bearing Cartridges 224 mm 92 Timken 3 mm
Sealmaster MSC-31TC Ball Bearing Cartridges 70 mm 136.5 mm 96,500 N 1.820 kg
Sealmaster MSC-64C Ball Bearing Cartridges 37.65 mm 39.5 mm 10.52 Hz 32.1 mm
Sealmaster MSC-35C Ball Bearing Cartridges 4,000 8,000 mm 8x16x4 16,000