Ball Insert Bearings

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Insert bearings (SKF Y-bearings) are based on sealed deep groove ball bearings in the 62 and 63 series, but have a convex outer ring and in most cases an extended inner ring with a specific locking device, enabling quick and easy mounting onto the shaft.Help operate motors, chain belts, chain wheels and automobiles with durable insert bearings. These bearings are designed with an inner ring that extends on both sides of the bearing for extra support. Each bearing is designed specifically for an application. Find right size and fit insert bearing for your task at hand.Due to our large warehouse inventory, we almost always have what you're looking for, in stock. Our friendly experts are readily available to help get what you need. And with a massive selection to work with, finding Insert Bearings, or numerous other types of bearings, housings, couplings, shafts, oil seals or rod ends are all here in one place. And with so much more to offer, it just makes sense to shop in one place for everything you need.

Sealmaster ER-8 Ball Insert Bearings

Compact Type Bearings with Housin
12 No

Sealmaster ER-28T Ball Insert Bearings

Joint Ball M30×2
26 30

Sealmaster 3月1日 Ball Insert Bearings

F211- 68.6 mm
EX211-35G2T04 19mm

Sealmaster ER-204 Ball Insert Bearings

21 mm T213-
86 mm 41mm

Sealmaster ER-43 Ball Insert Bearings

Double Shielded 52100 Bearing Steel
Metric Series Standard

Sealmaster 2-17T Ball Insert Bearings

Low Carbon Steel 6
Positive Tolerance 7 Days

Sealmaster 3-115 Ball Insert Bearings

120 °C 52 mm
0.45 kN 2.31 mm

Sealmaster ER-206 Ball Insert Bearings

25 mm 30.16 mm
13 mm 30 mm

Sealmaster 2月23日 Ball Insert Bearings

47.6 mm 103 mm
58.9 mm 80 mm

Sealmaster 1月14日 Ball Insert Bearings

Double Row Open Type
Momi removing Steel

Sealmaster ER-32T Ball Insert Bearings

44 Available
No Bearings with Housin

Sealmaster ER-18 Ball Insert Bearings

27.8 mm 11.2 kN
35.7 mm 90 mm