Bearing Isolators

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Bearing isolators provide containment and protection from external contamination for bearing lubrication. Before bearing isolators, most rotating equipment bearings were protected with rubber lip seals or stationary labyrinths. Today a wide variety of rotating equipment still uses lip seals or dual labyrinths to contain and protect bearing lubrication. In most of these applications the performance of these devices fails to meet today’s MTBR objectives.

In virtually all rotating equipment applications lip seals lose their functionality within six months. Due to the elastomeric material running against a metallic rotating shaft, the lip seal can also damage the shaft.

Straight labyrinths are still used in many pieces of rotating equipment in the O&G and petrochemical and power industries such as pumps and steam turbines. However, IsoMag magnetic bearing isolators now provide a superior technology. With a more effective bearing lubrication containment, as well as enhanced protection from external contamination end-users achieve an improved MTBR.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
Garlock 29607-2593 Bearing Isolators 54 mm 140 mm 50 mm Uncoated
Garlock 29502-4798 Bearing Isolators 8 No Flange 52000 N Click here
Garlock 29602-4809 Bearing Isolators 6590 lbf 4-3/16 in Cast Iron Normal Duty
Garlock 29607-4940 Bearing Isolators 15.2500 in 8.5000 in 127500 lb Contact/Lip
Garlock 29602-2175 Bearing Isolators Open 180 mm C3 41 mm
Garlock 29602-4284 Bearing Isolators Oilite®, Synthet SAE 841, CT-1000-K26 Oil-Impregnated Bron 1-3/4 in
Garlock 29607-4537 Bearing Isolators POP-IT Outside Toe - -
Garlock 29507-5137 Bearing Isolators Plastic 2203etnc3-qbl 17mm 0.02 KGS
Garlock 295084106 Bearing Isolators 3-1/4 in 0.31 in TTHD Tapered Race
Garlock 29502-3349 Bearing Isolators 180mm 572 907 Brass
Garlock 29519-2786 Bearing Isolators In Stock Plastic 55mm 13mm
Garlock 29607-4340 Bearing Isolators 2.65 KGS 3.8 150mm Open Type