Roller Bearing Cartridges

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Cartridge bearings are an integral part of the modern mountain bike. From headsets to hubs, bottom brackets to suspension pivots, cartridge bearings can be found on nearly every component whose purpose includes some type of rotation. We often take for granted the stresses and harsh conditions mountain bike bearings endure, rarely thinking about them until they make noise or develop play, typically after countless hours of abuse. To find out more, we spoke with Matt Harvey, one of the owners of Enduro Bearings, an industry leading company that offers an extensive line of bearings specifically designed for bicycle applications.The Craft Split Bearing is quickly becoming the global industry standard. And not just in one industry, but wherever an extremely reliable and easily replaceable bearing is a must. From mining operations to paper mills, from the marine industry to steel, for heavy industry of all types, the innovative Craft Split Roller Bearing is transforming would-be catastrophic failures into run-of-the-mill maintenance. Made in the U.S.A. at our Newport News, Virginia facility.

Link-Belt CSEB22564H Roller Bearing Cartridges

304 Stainless Steel Bottom Mount
[Steel] Steel 30 ~ 50

Link-Belt CB22439E Roller Bearing Cartridges

68 mm 3,6 mm
22,2 mm KOYO

QM QAMC10A115SM Roller Bearing Cartridges

0.8750 in Round
1.8750 in 0.5000 in

QM QVMC15V207SN Roller Bearing Cartridges

AST 100.0000
Copper plated steel +0 / 0.40

Link-Belt CSEB22455E Roller Bearing Cartridges

Flanged Pilot Type 1045 Carbon Steel
Double 6003

Link-Belt CSEB224M35H Roller Bearing Cartridges

1.1870 in Chrome-Plated Steel
Low Carbon Steel Low Carbon Steel

QM TAMC15K207ST Roller Bearing Cartridges

1080 kN 2,8
2,1 mm 100

Link-Belt CB22420H Roller Bearing Cartridges

2.8750 in 0.7500 in
Non-Flanged Cup Single Cup

Link-Belt CB22456E Roller Bearing Cartridges

Link-Belt CB22456E
1 pcs Negotiable

QM QMMC13J208SM Roller Bearing Cartridges

26 1 mm
100 NSK

Link-Belt CSEB22440E Roller Bearing Cartridges

0.65 kg 0.67
1 81 mm

Link-Belt CSEB224M100H Roller Bearing Cartridges

1.500 in 2540 lbf
Contact with Flinger 1.1875 in